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Root canal treatment is a common dental procedure that helps to restore decayed and damaged teeth. It also helps prevent tooth loss or ache by removing the infected pulp. Once the roots of your teeth are cleaned, your dentist will clean the area and seal it. 

This treatment is long-lasting and involves a relatively quick and inexpensive surgery. The procedure occurs under the influence of local anesthesia, which means you do not feel too much discomfort during the treatment.  


What are the types of root canal treatment?

The root canal procedure helps to treat infections that occur deep inside your tooth roots. It involves the removal of the infected pulp and replacing the same with a rubbery material. This procedure saves your natural tooth and also provides you with relief from sudden excruciating toothaches caused by damaged teeth.


What are the benefits of root canal treatment?

There are several advantages of getting root canal therapy, like:

It eliminates the infected pulp and alleviates pain.

It helps to cure dental decay and prevents your tooth from getting damaged any further.

Your natural tooth will be preserved.

It prevents your neighboring teeth from getting infected.

With proper care, the root canal procedure can last for a lifetime.


Are there any downsides? 

After the root canal treatment, the crowns of your teeth can get weak. As a result, it would require an additional crown for protection.

You might feel some discomfort after the procedure.

There is always a possibility of re-infection, pain, and associated discomfort.


Scars might also develop on your tooth roots or the inner lining of your mouth after the root canal procedure. This might be due to the instrumentation mark or scar tissue left after the healing process. But as these scars are present inside your mouth, they will not be visible from outside and thus, would not hamper your facial aesthetics.


What precautions should you follow?



Do not forget to brush and floss your teeth at least twice a day. Do not brush hard, apply soft strokes, especially on the treated tooth.

Have soft food like porridge or rice, which you will not have to bite hard or will not be harsh on your teeth.

Do not forget to take your prescribed medications. Your dentist might advise antibiotics in such a situation to avoid the occurrence of infection post the root canal procedure.

You can gargle with salt mixed in warm water. This is a very effective remedy for treating such conditions and alleviating pain and discomfort that might occur after root canal treatment.

If discomfort, pain, or any other issues persist even after a few days post the procedure, contact your endodontist immediately.

You should also contact your dentist if you notice inside or outside your mouth, toothache, or if you have had allergic reactions to any medication.

Make sure to visit your dentist regularly so that they can monitor your healing and the condition of the treatment site properly.



Avoid biting or chewing on the treated tooth, especially if it is restored with a permanent filling or crown, according to the requirements.

Don’t drink extremely hot or cold beverages immediately after the treatment.

Don’t eat anything unless the numbness inside your mouth has worn off.

Do not skip any of your pain medications even if you are not in pain.

Do not smoke or have alcohol when you are under antibiotics.

Do not delay having the crown or any other restorations prescribed after the treatment. It will help you to avoid fractures or any other damages which might lead to the failure of the root canal therapy.


Top Dentists for root canal treatment in Faridabad



Final words


If you have a severely infected pulp, you might be eligible for root canal therapy. But your dentist will first inspect your oral health conditions and determine if you are a suitable candidate for this treatment. Make sure to visit any of these top dentists in Faridabad for the safest treatment and quickest recovery.


7 March 2022


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