8 Best Medical Stores / Chemists In Faridabad

The nearest chemist shop or medical store is where we rush to when we need to buy medicines. Be it in the morning or at night or any other time in the day, chemist shops are our saviors in time of need. 

With their years of experience in dealing with different kinds of medicines, some chemists can recommend simple over-the-counter drugs to treat minor issues like trivial pains or nausea, or fever. But it is important to keep in mind that in case you have any complex health issues or chronic ailments, you need to visit a doctor for the right medical guidance and treatment. The best chemist shops in your area can help recommend you to see a health practitioner near your location; they know the most about the best doctors in your locality for specific illnesses.  


You can get 24X7 medical stores or the ones opened until late hours in Faridabad. Like any other store, they are available round the clock, to serve you as long as they are operational.


How do chemists help us?


There are several ways in which a chemist can help us, like:


o   Medicines

Apart from helping you with over-the-counter medicines for minor illnesses, they can also address your queries about your prescriptions. The top medical stores in Faridabad generally offers the following services:

        They help in reading the prescription and they also have access to repeated prescriptions.

       They can help you with emergency medical supplies.

       Sometimes, they can give you some non-prescribed medicines as well.

       They can effectively dispose of unwanted medicines.

       They would give you effective advice on treating minor health concerns and promoting a healthy way of living.


Chemists can also help you with -

             Inhaler techniques

            The right ways of taking medicines safely

  Understanding the right dose of new medicine and the right ways of taking it.


o   Repeat prescriptions

If you are going to the medical store with a repeat prescription, they would ask if you are having any issues or side effects because of the medicine. They would also advise you about the alternative available, which has the same composition as the medicine.


o   Minor Illnesses

The chemists can give you various treatments and medical advice on a wide range of common conditions and minor injuries which include, cold, flu, sore throat, cough, skin rashes, aches, pains, and so on. They are the best people to take advice from if you prefer taking over-the-counter medicines. Antibiotics might not always be available for over-the-counter usage or for treating various minor conditions.


o   New medicine service

If you are starting with a new medical regime, then the chemists can help you with that. For example, if you have asthma and your doctor has prescribed inhalers, you might not know the right way to consume them. In those cases, you might need assistance from your chemist for proper consumption so that the medicine works effectively. The same goes with the medicines of diseases like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, type 2 diabetes, blood-thinning medicines, and high blood pressure medications.


o   Other pharmacy services

There are several other important services offered by medical shops, which include emergency contraception, some injections, and vaccinations, testing blood pressure, blood sugar, asthma, etc. Some shops even have doctors where the patients can come and treat their health issues. These two-in-one medical shops bring the entire treatment procedure, including the medication availability in one place.


The best medical shops in Faridabad


With pharmacies opening up in each area, finding the best ones in Faridabad can become very challenging. The best ones need to have all the medicines available, and they should be open round the clock. They should also have experienced pharmacists who have knowledge about medicine, and can effectively treat minor injuries and illnesses.


The top medicine shops in Faridabad include the following –



The best pharmacies in Faridabad are generally open during weekends, holidays, and for additional hours so that people can get the required medicines at any time of the day. Keeping this list handy can be of great use, especially in case you are looking for a chemist shop near your place.

28 February 2022


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